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 Citizenship Programs
In the early history of The NSCDA, citizenship projects emphasized preparing educational materials to help immigrants undertake the naturalization process. Participation in naturalization ceremonies has been widespread in our Societies. This participation has involved such activities as the presentation of gifts, such as small U.S. flags to new citizens, and the hosting of welcoming receptions following the ceremonies. More recently Dames have recognized the need to improve the teaching of Civics and the ideals of our heritage in the school system. More projects are being developed to promote such lessons in our schools.

New citizens welcomed by Dames at a recent
Naturalization Ceremony in Arkansas
 Flag Programs

Respect for the United States Flag has been taught and encouraged throughout the history of The NSCDA. The National Patriotic Service Committee has been in the forefront of this effort. The proper use of the flag is an integral part of all our activities and meetings. Please see Flag Facts and Protocol for further information on the correct way to present and display flags.

Two major programs are currently available to Dames groups (large and small) to promote love of country, love of flag and patriotism.

The National Patriotic Project, Young Patriots (TM).

The Parade of Flags:
 Service to the Military
The NSCDA has a long history of honoring service men and women, beginning with our Arlington Monument (1902) to our present involvement with the conflicts in Afghanistan and Iraq. Please see more details on our Service to Military page.